Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Music for Your Valentine:

Detail of unnamed fountain in Portland (popularly called the "car wash fountain")

Review for : "Mon Amour (My Love)"

I was spending some time, this morning in a quest to find a beautiful song, an outstanding album, I think I have found it . . . the exquisite, moving music of Ivan Tiukov . . . the piano flowed like liquid sound, straight from the hearts of angels . . . My ears wept from joy . . . so soul touching, gentle and graceful, serene and peaceful . . . this is love!

Review for :
"Pour vous (For you)"

Lovely, moving, enticing, I just want to listen and enjoy this beautiful piano . . . so relaxing, so peaceful .. .. .. take it out with you on a sunny day . .. let the earth hear the beauty of the sound and be happy . . . and fly . . ..

Review for: "Wonder Wing" by Ignacio Núñez 

All I could say at first was . . . "Oh its so beautiful!"

Not only piano, but so much more . . . a few added sounds, or an entire symphony would accompany this gorgeously played piano . . . A light touch, but not too light . . . gorgeous and bright . . . like sunshine after many dark and cloudy days . . .

The hands of the musician played on the keys as if they were runners . . . familiar with the landscape and so engaged with the mountains and the valleys . . . sometimes skipping along and other times . .. walking slowly, reflectively and contemplative. . .

The other instruments, the compositions, and the musician's thoughtful sound values worked together to create a wonderful mood in my heart . . . and I was able to visualize generously beautiful sceneries . . as if painted there by the artist of this heavenly music.

Detail of La Fontaine Saint Michel in Paris


CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

It is La Fontaine Saint Michel. (wink)

Wolfsong said...

Thanks PM . . . I was too lazy to look it up . . . I will add the name to the caption . . .


CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Maybe we can hope to see back in front of this fountain to take other pictures of details ?

Wolfsong said...

I would love that . . to go back to Paris . . . there were so MANY details that it was hard to focus on any specifics . . .

- M^^W -