Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Albums Regarding the Journey . . ..

Review: "Memoirs of a World Traveller" by satya

traveled with you . . . in an exotic haze of incense, sensations and unbelievably good music . . . music so full of . . . dreaminess . . . an album so strikingly precious and beautiful . .. like a tapestry of vibrant colors describing these beautiful places . . .the music flowed like a river . .. like a sleepy dusty road . .. like a warm sultry breeze . . . it took me places . .

We traveled . . .

From the plains of Africa, the flutes, powerful drums and exquisite throat singing and other vocals . . . massively moved me in "A NIght in Serengeti" . . .. to the peaceful dreamy song of "The Summer Rain."

"The Old Cabaret in Sofia" influenced by a thrilling exotic vocal . . . propels the traveler onward over an ancient road and into the impeccable sounds of "Lost Civilization" . . . bits of world song . . . ancient as humanity coming together traveling down this long road . . .

But music speaks to our soul . . . the deep primitive heart of us . . and oh my soul . . but that flute that sang like an angel in "Silk Route" with the singer . . . I was there . . . and then back to warm and vibrant Africa's percussion and vocals in "Nangwatu Village" and onward through beautiful and exotic "India" . . .

and finally "Paradise on Earth" where we are mesmerized by the huge drums and music which has traveled far to greet our ears and our hearts . .

What moves me so with this album is the primitive voice and fluidity of the ancient instrumental songs and general peacefulness . ..

Review: "Voyages" by TomA Sound Factory

Not a bad little album . . . it seems to have been overlooked .. .. I do not understand why this one didn't receive any reviews as of yet . . . its actually quite good . . .

As I listened to the first track I could see the pictures of an epic trip . . . a journey is a profound interlude in a person's life . . . it not necessarily a trip from one place to another, but moments in our lives . . .where life changes . . . becomes a new experience . . . a transition between the spaces of our existence. . . personal metamorphosis . . .. a transmigration . . .

This album's first track showed a wonderful talent, of this artist, which is to create an incredible flow between styles of music . . . I experienced this music as being full of light and excitement . . . the anticipation of a journey . . . and what will happen in the end. That is a positive expectation and a lovely way to look at the changes in a life.

The music was everything from progressive to jazzy . . piano, neo-classical . .. gorgeous compositions and tremendously well done sound . .. it really sounds great with headphones . ..

Overall this is the kind of music you can put on and listen to all day . . . it starts you dreaming and it keeps you hoping and gives you energy and peace . .



Carlos said...

About your pictures... I also love to take pictures and work on some effects on them... nothing much though and I remember reading somewhere that if you want to take a good picture, don't look for the obvious... instead, try to focus on the improbable.
It works, you know... and, I think that you achieved it, somehow, in some of your recent pictures.

Keep taking them... they're quite a satisfaction.

Wolfsong said...

Thank you, Carlos for your kind comment about my pictures. I have been gleefully exploring picture taking since a year. . . and it has become quite a hobby. I love the digital age. and I love looking at things in a new way . . . framing is my big interest and questioning myself . . what is it I want to say? Its huge fun . . so I loved to hear what you had to say.