Friday, February 11, 2011

The Solitude of Love

What does the solitary rose
of the desert know
more than the dozen of her kind that
grow in tender care
softly kissed by the sweet dews of night ?

what does the fragile bird sing
when wings are spread
before the day has dawned. . .?
what does the small fish dream
when tossed below the violent waves
lashed by the hungry storm?

And does the desolate star 
hidden behind heavy clouds
shine less brightly than his brothers
who rage in splendid glory
across a bottomless sky?

Is there passion in the moment
is there glory in the night, while
a dream, a wisp of something,
rises up like misty visions
from the lonely dreaming soul
turning slowly in restless sleep?

for desolate grows the night
of that solitary soul
clinging to the slender vine
where deep are the shadows that linger
draping the wall dividing the worlds
of despair and joy . . .

and sweet desire, the soul that holds to
 compassion and self-control while
awaiting the glory of
a momentary flight
that rises on wings to soar
into the sunlit blue. . .
and give away
what it retains . .. 
of peace and love and hope . .. .

Review for: "Winter in Tenochtitlan" by ETHNICO
 This was very nicely composed music . . . exceptionally creative and filling my listening spaces with the harmonious melodies of ancient tales and wistful dreams . ..  the music lifted me and gave me wings to fly . . . resting above the storm in quietude and  peace . .. .

The percussions were vividly drawn and the instruments chosen to paint the songs were used with perfection.


syl said...

This poem is so beautiful that after reading it, silence fills your mind and heart.
The same feeling is there again when you look at the pictures where the extreme purity of these flowers is reflected.
Thank you for these precious moments.

Wolfsong said...

You're welcome . . . thank you, Syl . . . what a beautiful comment. It touched my heart.

- Barb