Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some of My Latest Favorites on Jamendo

Paris Street Musician 2010

I like this artist's music (Higgins) . . . it makes me smile and relax at the same time . . . Mostly ambient, piano, instrumental .. .. gorgeous!

My Review for his latest album: "Images"

What a beautiful album! I have been enjoying this musician, during the last few days, and when I discovered this latest album, I put it on to play into the atmosphere of my classroom and found that it increased the calm and positive feelings in the room (believe me that is NO light compliment when my students are taking their State Tests). . . so it played all morning . ..

These tracks are all just beautiful . .. unique from one another and yet they flow together very nicely . . . There were times I felt like flying and there were times I felt grounded . . . but I was never dropped like a ton of bricks . .. I was always carried so peacefully from one song to the next . . . the compositions were wonderfully accomplished through excellent choices of instrumentation and the ever delightful subtle nuances . . .

Gorgeous . .. how do we improve Higgins ??. . . just make some more of the same . . . and we will be delighted . . .

Persson . ..  has a new album out . . . I love his music . .  always gives a boost to my emotions:
Review for: "Let's Go to the Movies"

As always . . . Persson's music puts a big smile on my face and a flutter in my heart . . . its irresistible rocking blues . . And I feel his love for music so strongly in my bones that he has become one of my top ten favorites on Jamendo . . or anywhere since I only listen to Jamendo artists . . . LOL . . .

Perfection in guitar play and excellent compositions shines out from this album as it does from his others. The music puts energetic life in my soul . . nothing better than that! Just let the music fly . . and carry you away!

P.S. I'll never forget when I first discovered Persson and his beautiful "Blues for a Soldier"' and how I cried:
So . . . thank you Mr. Persson . . for sharing your music.

 Review for : "Transglobal & Magic Sounds" by László Hortobágyi (Red Puma)

 Ancestral Beating Heart: Herein, I was taken to far off places .. . .. shamanistic spaces, aboriginal . . . ancient passages through time . . . through temples and holy places . . . hearing the plaint of the priests and shamans . . . listening as we gather around the sparking fire, of stories long told . . . mysteries and shadows brought as offerings to the light.

This album resonated with my old soul . . the spaces in me which are still connected to my ancient ancestors . . . and I heard the primal cry and I followed these shadowy mysteries and offered my song to the gods .. . and there . . . I saw a rising light . . .

We share something here . . something so primitive, so deep . . . it is hard to find words . . .


Fredesk said...

Merci de me faire découvrir Higgins. Sa musique a un petit côté Jean-michel Jarre que j'aime bien... c'est très relaxant. :))

Wolfsong said...

You are welcome. I am so glad you liked the music. ;-D

Vous êtes les bienvenus. Je suis tellement heureux que vous ayez aimé la musique.