Sunday, November 21, 2010

Drums from the Dawn of Time

A didgeridoo is alway compelling and mesmerizing but with the momentum of the percussion was driven and so enticing in "Dawn of Time" on this album of transcendent qualities. The ancient sounds from "Sunrise," exotic and magical, were so very beautiful and with a distinctively unique trance tone. . . Observe and enjoy the perfect timing with "King Size Rizzla's" very nice drums, great tempo and distant exotic voice. The ears have an excellent treat with "Megastamp's" unique sounds and recorded qualities, and was another very fine trance. I loved "Metalixir" for its tribal feel and vocals and the tempo was excellent. Each tune had its own personality to add to the whole and yet the concept was held to and the flow from song to song was perfect.

These songs are all so good; and nice and lengthy also . . .the album has a lot of good meat on its bones. The drums project power and strength and a wistfullness encompasses these delightful world style trance and other tunes, with energy and perfect sound.

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