Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Frank Harper

Top of Frank's page with his song, "Would You"
This lovely page of Frank Harper's:  http://frankharper.bandcamp.com/track/would-you

On this evening I came home . . .  tired after a long day. And even after buying a new pair of shoes and taking another ton of sunset and Autumn color pictures, I was feeling very low, depressed even! But sometimes surprises happen when you least expect them, because I found a lovely email from Frank Harper, one of Jamendo's best, sharing a link to his web page where he had put, for free, a download of a song he had created for the album, Wolfsong's:
The song is called "Would You," a folk song with a gorgeous acoustic guitar, sung and played by Frank. He had used one of my poems for this song and on his web page he had created an album cover from a photograph of mine that he found here too . . .
Well, Frank is such a talented musician . ..  with gifted fingers when he strums his guitar . . . I believe he could take anything and turn it into a beautiful song . . . but he said such kind things about me that it brought the tears to my eyes. . . and sharing this song like that on his blog is very heart touching and meant more to me than I could say.

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