Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why Does the Angel Cry?

Doorway in Paris July 2010

how much of myself can I give away
can I give away to you?
how far can I run
how fast and how far
until I find myself with you?
Cemetery Angel - Paris

are my wings strong enough to take me higher
over the mountains in the misty blue?
when my feathers brush the stone
on the sides of the cliff
will I cause the snow to fall?
and there shall I hear an angel cry
on the top of that mountain tall?

how much of my soul will give me a dream
how big are my dreams of you. . .?
how wide can I dream
in vivid color
how true are my dreams of you?

are my wings strong enough to take me away
through the mythical skies of black?
when my wings make a breeze
Door Knocker Milwaukie Oregon
through the darkness so deep
causing the stars to flee,
will I hear that angel's cry
there, high in that Stygian sky?

how far can my sight  give me visions
and what will they show me of you?
when I look in your face
will I witness a trace
of your wisdom and love
will I witness my love in your eyes?

are my wings strong enough to take me far
over the oceans green and blue?
when my eyes brim with tears
as salty as my despair
will I hear that angel cry
in the depths of the endless sea?

how much of my heart can I give
can I give away to you?
how big is my world
how wide is the sea
before I can get to you?

how far can I fly with my battered wings
how far can I see through my tears
how far can I dance with the fleeing stars
or swim through the falling snow?

some day I will find my way
I will find my way to your side
and there I will wait till you explain
the story of that angel's tears.. .. ..

that day when I stand beside you
and there where I can find you
I will look into your eyes and
In the Louvre - Paris
you will tell me why that angel cries . .


Doorway in Paris


syl said...

A powerful and deeply moving poem about love and it's doubts.
Amazing and beautiful atmosphere
surrounded by angels and dragons in the heart of an epic quest.
Thank you for your talent Barb.
Van Syla.

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

I have just found a feather at the bottom of this awesome poem, is it one of yours ? I will keep if dearly in case you come back down.

Wolfsong said...

Wow, thank you syl and PM for your very poetic comments . . . both are very kind and encouraging to me . . . - Barb