Thursday, November 25, 2010

Summer's Rest

I laid down in Summer's rest
in a field of tall grasses
and watched blue skies
flying above me,
calling me with the sweet song
of swift wings . . . .

I laid down in Summer's rest
on a pink rose petal
dipped in sugar with truth spun deep,
and I floated in perfumed
splendor, thick with honey
and morning dew. . .

I laid down in Summer's rest
on the wings of a dragonfly,
sparkling in dashes
across the breezes,
that bring back lost memories
with the scent of
warmth and laughter. . .

I laid down in Summer's rest
beneath a sunless sky,
and across a black velvet expanse
witnessed the shining and blazing dreams,
of all the souls who have
ever been . . .

I laid down in Summer's rest
beneath an amber tree
silvered with the song of birds
and watched the small breezes carry
the trembling leaves away from me. . .

and as
they fluttered and flew along
with the birds in flight,
all the summer things
laid down and grew still,
and as we lay dreaming . . .

Winter's cold strength
kissed us all
with a thin crust of a frost
and a silver stream of a whisper,
"tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,
what was, is
and tomorrow will be yesterday,
and then,
again and again and again . . ."


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