Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lost by the Side of the Woods

Johnson Creek 11/10
I stood alone by the edge of the trees,
where the great blue heron
marked her flight,
and the end of yesterday
trailed by in empty gusts. . .
leaving a few skeletal leaves to brush
against my still legs. . .
and I hushed my beating heart by
listening to the hollow rush
of the the nearby stream,
while I waited for distant memories
to leave their traces
on the sides of my cheeks, as if they
were tender fingers softly
stroking there, like the still
breath of a cloud winging by
on the battered wings of the last  silent silvered butterfly,

left over from summer's warm grasp .

The whispers of distant sound
flutter against my ears bringing
witness of life secluded
in the echoing mysteries of the woods. . .
and through the lacy patterns of the
leafless trees reaching out against
the deep blue sky and

stripping away a few remaining
clouds scattered overhead,

reflecting a trace of orange from a receding sun .

. . . . my feet worry against the fine gravels
on the aging line between the pathway
and the woods,
and trace dark lines in the moist soil
which point along the way like arrows
drawn deeply …. small canyons
to foil the small furry caterpillar
crawling slowly, and curling at the touch
of my questing fingers. . .
while I wonder if I am real enough
to matter, and if I leave traces
that pause the hurling by of time,
or if life itself were tangible. . .
with a solidity to be grasped
and held tightly . . .

SpringWater Corridor near Johnson Creek
and if I brought it closer to my eyes,
could I determine a pattern,
a design of beauty, perhaps
a way to march through the wilderness,
or retrace my steps?

Is there a map to lead me through
this moment. . .
showing an array of solid roads
leading out of the confusing and messy

towards an understanding. . .
an island rising above
like an answer
guiding me upwards and outwards

from the towering question marks of my life .

Is there
a shining answer
to the riddle
of my dreams . . .


The Ridge near my house - Sunset

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