Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Meaning of Life . . .

Love is . . .

We are in a play . . .
We chose our own roles
Many millennium times millennium ago . . .
We are in a play . . .
observed by all the entities of the Universe
times Universes . . . and beyond
Deep into the darkest recesses and
High into the brightest star clouds
live the other beings, our audience,
We once knew them but
through the graces of time
on this royal blue planet. . .
have forgotten them . . .

though we were warned
that we would forget
our star-like existence . . .
we were eager to become the actors
and endure the pain,
the heartbreak,
the joy . . .
we chose to take on the costume
and take on our roles . ..

so we wander on this stage,
this world,
costumed in fragile flesh . . .
and we fulfill our existence here
every one of us . . .
shadowed in mysteries . . .
we feel lost as humans
yet we have it the way it is to be . . .
we call it Fate:

The choice -
to be a baby dying in an African village
one of thousands . . .to give opportunity
to touch the hearts
of the witnesses .. . so they may show kindness
in love .. .
The choice -
To be part  of a murdering army
so that others may show courage,
fortitude, and love in combat
The choice -
To be a young mother of two little children, suffering with a growing cancer,
that fills her body. . .so that her friends can show her love.
The choice -
To be a quiet living soul,
tending and creating a beautiful garden,
in love, so as to touch the heart and delight of a photographer. . .

To be, in every step of the way  . . . a star
to touch, to guide, to learn . . . to be love,
to love,
for love is truth
when it is given through the hiding shadows
when only the tales of time
will reveal all
as perfection. . .

The whole purpose of our lives -
has meaning . . .
to demonstrate the ways of love -
to kill the darkness and bring in the light.

That is our play . ..  and earth is our stage
and we are the actors . . .
presenting to the Universe. . .
a show about love.



CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Hurray, bravo, amen, alleluja, you got it all, that thing called life, which is a game, a play, to tell the world and ourselves what love is.
God, she got it ! Lovely poem that says it all !
Thanks Barb.

Wolfsong said...

Thanks, Pierre-Marie . . .I had a sort of vision and then wrote the poem, which I never finished . . . it feels incomplete . .. but I can finish it some other time . ..

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

To my point of view and personal knowledges, you have wrap it up all in your words, it is absolutely astounding.
If we have this deep understanding of life, it should lead us to better understanding and awareness and help to let go meaningless sadness, anger, hard feelings to walk in the light and shine better, to experience true love for our benefit and other's, to be a true lighthouse in our dark world.
That is a life time work...

Wolfsong said...

Thank you PM. It is hard to find a deep meaning in life and then, to hang on to that understanding, can be made difficult or almost impossible due to the myriad of troubles we all run into over the course of our lives. You are so right about it being a "life time work" because that struggle to understand goes on throughout our lives. And it certainly would be to our benefit to let go of the bad feelings we struggle with . . .

Van Syla said...

If life has a meaning and if this meaning isn't love, what else would we be living for ?
I agree with PM, this poem is beautiful :)
Van Syla

Wolfsong said...

Thank you, Van Syla, I appreciate your comment . . .I didn't expect that this poem would be beautiful but just maybe explain some things to MY poor thinking . .. Its one poem that feels as though it still needs work and that I could build onto it, especially in regards to the examples of how we show love . . .

Thanks again!