Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Interim

We are closer than we think .. .. ..
we are in the same universe
the same corner of the galaxy
on the same side of the sun
on that turquoise blue planet
in the center of the universe
where all the best happens .. .. ..
we are closer than we think .. .. ..
we take life from the same atmosphere
we see through the same spectrum of light .. ..
the same sun beams down on us .. .. ..
the same moon
and all the giddy stars dancing over our heads
do their waltz just for us . . . you and I .. .. ..
we hunger and thirst for the same things
and the same reasons .. .. ..
there is the same music that rises in our souls
and the same spirit to laugh, sing, weep, sigh,
and love .. .. ..
and whatever the season
we cling to the glories of life .. .. ..
and we lean on each other
and thus we are whole . . .

I love you tomorrow
since the beginning of time
and on through forever.
We are closer than we think.


This is an older poem of mine and I wonder if I published it before under a different name but if I did, oh well .  . .  I love this one . . . 


Kev Moore said...

Beautiful poem!

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

And I love it too, very very much, it says it all, so truly, you know me, I know you, we understand each other, we have never parted, we will meet again.

Wolfsong said...

Thank you Kev and PMC for your comments . . . this poem expresses a concept of mine . . that we are all connected, we are one with each other . .. this world is too small and we must remember that we love each other . . . all and every one. . .