Thursday, November 4, 2010



that's what life is . . .

once we are detached from our mothers
our selves are cast adrift
on a sea of loneliness . . .
we are ever and always alone . . .
we live inside ourselves. . .
our shells
where we are bewildered
by an array of emotions
love being the treasure
what is love . . . but a stray feeling . . .
which betrays us . . .
for it does not remove the loneliness,
only intensifies it
like an ever burning fire
which flares and cools
but never dies
for we are never able to stop feeling so alone . .

when I look at you

do you see me?
do you hear me ?
or is it only through the filter of yourselves
that you can see the shadows of me
or hear my watery cry .. ..
I know . . . I see and hear
you too
the wisp of you that I can capture
through your words
and your glances . . .
and I worry that one or both of us
is not real ..

What shore am I cast adrift on,

after I set sail so long ago
into the sea of life . . .
no matter which way I head,
the bitter winds push me
onto the shoals of despair . . .

and I am ever alone . .

though I walk through the crowds
on that shore by the sea. . .
crowds of people all
looking through each other
like through smoky glass
seeing only faint images
of what could be . . .

I am ever alone

and lonely . . .
and so are you . . .



Massimo Di Nocera said...

Thank you for your beautiful sharing of Music. Ciao

Wolfsong said...

You are welcome. Most of the music I share from Jamendo. Enjoy!

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Beautiful and sensitive poem Barb, nice to read aloud, very good rhythm, but of course, we know we are never alone if we make room for the love of God, ever present, even when we don't pay attention.

Wolfsong said...

Yes, PM .. . . we are never TRULY alone! Thanks again for your lovely comment.