Monday, August 15, 2011

Ancient Ways . . . Ancient Songs

She walks her trail with a pathway
of obliging stars as eternal guides . ..
her tribe has gone before her
to part the tangled seas of grass . .
They have taught her the ways
and wisdom of her people . ..
to forsake the taming,
but seeking the instincts of the wild,
together, they climb to the mountain top,
where they sing
of the beauties of a dreamlike creation . .
and of a life giving abundance,
for all that draws breath,
to cherish and share . . .

Their ancient story
is of loss, fear, and fragility
of love, strength and tranquility . .
and those that hear their song
are released from their prisons
and renewed . . .
for it is such that causes even the angels to lean in,
a little closer, to hear these ancient songs
and then pause to gaze,
in wonder, at this small blue planet . . .

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