Wednesday, August 17, 2011

White Wolf

The brightest edge of an ancient star,
peering through the mists,

is the color of a million years  . .
a long, long, road traveled,
ending as a point of light
reflected in the eyes
of white wolf . . . 

she stands on the ledge
above a canyon  . .
blackness pooled beneath her . . .
rushing water feeds the night
with sighs and snorts
like a thousand wild horses
racing between the walls,
an echo reverberating into the heavens . . .
she joins the music of the water
and feels a shiver from the listeners,
small, like prey, they feel . . .
an untouched moment, wild. . .
with a lust to run in fear and exhilaration . .
hearts beating . . .
countless hearts are beating . . .
endless eyes shattered in the star's deep gaze . .
a pool of dawning knowledge
becomes a place of drowning
where the chosen one feels the hot breath
and the thrust of the the wolf's tongue,
like a lover's kiss,
for an endless moment
before the end . . .
and in the end . ..  is a beginning . .
for the blood drawn, sinks into the thirsty earth . . .
where an ancient song
lies buried . . . waiting to be released . . .

and on the banks of the wild river . . 
after the echoing cry is stilled,
the child in the old man weeps with wonder . . .
as one small star flickers and dies . .. 


CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Wow, that is something ! This is real strong, heartfelt poetry. This immense travel shook me. The link, the share, the scattered unity gathered in a split moment.
Awesome Barbara. Thank you very much to share your inner self through your talent.

Wolfsong said...

Thank you, PM .. "White Wolf" is part of a series of poems and I felt that it was time for her to hunt. . . plus I wrote it for a pianist on Jamendo who wanted me to write a poem for him to create his music for . . . I sent it to him and I got a thank you and "wait" but then I haven't heard from him since . . . LOL