Thursday, August 11, 2011

And So . . .

Piano . .  quiet, dark and emotional:

A cry tears through the night . . .
the quest of the piano . .
splits the waves of silence . .
There is a peace in knowing pain .  .
that sharp blade
that slices through the heart . ..

and so
my tears fall heedlessly . . .
and my heart is slowly breaking.
I watch you walking away,
not an easy thing
to let my heart know . . .
although I did expect
you to go . . .
for many reasons,
but not least,
the belief
that you deserve to have
your heart's desire
which weaves 
its transparent shell
around my soul . . .

and so
although I ache,
I will not crush the petal of the flower . ..
that wishes to break free
nor tear the wing of the song bird
that longs to fly away . .
a silken thread trails against
a deep blue sky,
it leaves a memory
floating quietly with strength
to hold that solitude . ..
through the dances in the air,
and though the waters fall
and lightning strikes,
like fire from heaven  . . .
it sails on.

and so
I will but soak the soil
at the feet of the rose .. ..
and bejewel the graceful neck
of the singing bird
with my tears,
like pearls on a string
reflecting warmly
the ashes of your love . . .
and but one tear
is left for me,
preserved for always
in my memories . . .
like butterflies in amber


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