Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Morning Walk

Detail in yard near park.

Pictures taken at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, Portland, Oregon
Music: Dancing with the Swans by: Sagnik and Krishnaroop
from the album "Ethereal Lounge"

What is yesterday
                 but a fleck of dust,
                           blown in the wind,
          and soon forgotten
after leaving a footprint
                 in the shifting sands . .

What is today . . .
             as I sit by a lake
filled with spring waters. . .

               I watch
the curious ducks float by,
                  sparks dribbling
from their bills

             I hear
                    the cargo train
passing through on the other side
            of the green . . .
his voice is humming
                     with the day's burdens . .

The water tumbling,
              down the cliff,
                      leaps and shines with
white glee,
          sparkling with expectations. . .
                     for it is new
                             with birth
               and not yet settled
and still 

                like the pond below . . .
                           scummy and wrinkled
         with a life lived
                      and a collection of detritus. . .
old feathers . . . dead leaves . . . 

          the unknown, and filled with
                     algae and green slime

     so that
           the geese are happy
                 to feast there . . .

The old tree stump
                 in the middle of the lake
        is a harvest of green
                      and reflections,

                                  perhaps ancient memories . . .
                   and rooted deeply
             in the sands
             of experience
still making
             an offering to life
                     on the alter of death . .

There is abundant water on this earth

                   a huge burst
                        of elixir
                             the manna of life
                                              an         expectation
              of beauty, evident
                             to the furthest reaches
of space. . .
a glowing blue planet
of promise
and love . . .




syl said...

Another Beautiful Walk ! :)

orangeupurple said...

Thank you, Syl, for liking my poem . . :-D