Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Music . . .

somewhere in France

Some, may think that I only listen to music from . . . but that isn't entirely true . . . on a daily basis maybe . . . but I also have an extensive collection of music, mostly blues and classic and some New-Age, CDs and tape. And of course, music that my musical friends, scattered all over the world and the Internet share with me . . . I also have an account at Magnatune where I find some of the most enjoyable music . . . so I share some here . ..  enjoy these Celtic/Folk tunes . . .


    ForeignLander by Lydia McCauley

Here is a new album and talented musician on Jamendo . . .  acoustic guitar with a great singer . . . a little dark and melancholic and a little experimental . . . a very enjoyable listen:

Don't forget to check out my "Trip to France" page (on the left side) Several photo albums have been added. Enjoy the pictures . . . I had tremendous fun and now I have the traveling "bug."

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