Monday, April 25, 2011

Allison Crowe - singer - musician, extraordinaire .. ..

I dreamed I had:

Someone to love me . . . .
hold my hand and call my name
someone to recognize me . . .
see my shadow and know my walk . . .
someone to hear my dream . . .
and share the knowledge of my understanding . . .

someone  . . . like you . . .

a singer who can project her heart
and become an intimate friend . .
through the power of her voice . ..
and the words of her song

Fully dream the dream as you listen
and believe that there is something
there that connects us . .. all through
the music . .. 

Allison Crowe, one of the most successful musicians on Jamendo, is an extraordinary singer. Her voice resonates across the long convoluted trails of the Ethernet . . .  Her lyrics have powerful messages of thoughtfulness and beauty . . . An inner strength and beauty shines forth from her vocal chords and her melodies resound with talent and grace.  All her music is professional sounding and carefully recorded. 

Not one of her songs lacks relevance nor do they lack the power to give great entertainment value and pure enjoyment. I find myself addicted to the sound of her voice and with a strong desire to listen forever through the day and the night . . . pure enjoyment of these powerful sweet, and tender songs.

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