Monday, April 25, 2011

Loneliness . . .

Not having, is a punishment for wanting,
and wanting you . . .

Your eyelashes flutter
against your cheeks
like the little birds in
the sand pit . . .
You watch them all the time
You know . ..  those little dusty grey
birds with their hearts on their shoulders . .
They get lice in the summer
and those dust baths always
feel so good . . . but how would I know?

I only know this . . .
that even if I were in a crowd
of adoring fans . . .
thousands . .
no  . . . let's say millions . .
all gazing up at me
with rapturous eyes . . .
hands raised in esteem and love
I will feel like the loneliest soul in
the world

but for you . . .
If we need but
one to love us

Then why do we
keep seeking more
more love . .
more acceptance,

it is like a deep
     hungry, gnawing
in us .  .  do we all feel this way?

Or is it just me?

Look at me my love . .
Open your eyes . .
Ah - I see a glint
of your hazel eyes
and a slow smile . .

I see my look reflected there . ..
and I know
I am not alone


I don't know where this guy gets all the energy to produce so much music . . . but I always enjoy this lounge type jazzy music and the vocals are always very good quality.  Not one song has ever missed the mark with me . . . and often I find some interesting sounds to perk up my listening pleasure . . . He also has tons of other stuff under different artist names and I haven't been able to make a correct count of all his albums . . . Excellent listening . . . thank you for sharing your music!


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