Saturday, April 2, 2011

Music for Spring!

My impressions
by stefano mocini 

The range of emotion
in these pieces flows from
passion to pain,
from struggle to tranquility . .
These lovely piano compositions
embodied Springtime impressions
and a slow release from Winter . ..

the hardship, the beauty . . .
the tension and struggle
the final release . . .
without that contrast . ..
we can find no peace . .
we would never grow strong in wisdom and grace. . .
the daffodil lays down his golden head
beneath the rains and snows . .
mud runs like rivulets over his sweet face,
and he patiently continues
pushing against the forces holding him down . ..
and when the sun reaches to warm the soils
the daffodil springs up with strength and blazes
away in all his glory .  ..reflecting the beams
of the sunshine . . .

This artist demonstrates a wisdom and an inner peace,
a creative talent and above all, love . .  to see and
empathize with one small daffodil


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