Saturday, April 9, 2011

Odds and Ends

Portland West Hills . . . from an Eastside School

I have been spending so much time on my new avatar on Jamendo . . . listening and writing and enjoying a new chance to write better reviews . . . that I have very little time to write poetry on my blog here .. .. but let me see what I can do for you . .. .  :-D

I have run into a few interesting items on YouTube and Facebook . . .
Like this video I got from Nath:

I could listen to this one for hours . . . perfectly beautiful and healing!

ancient glass

Glass runs down, like a fluid. . .
slowly over time. . .
decades it takes
to find its path
and change the outlook
on the other side . . . where it
creates its own vision . . . ..
and tells a different tale
from a perspective of its own . . .

Another YouTube item I just happened to stumble on was this interesting combinations of didgeridoo and kaleidoscope . . . a truly hypnotic experience . .. 

The frame of references in our life is like the framing of a photo . . . it is all in the perspective, which adds understanding and insight . .. and that is why each tale told from each living being, in all of existence, holds understanding to the human condition . . . 

and creates the warp and woof . . the tensile strength of the tapestry of life . . . which only God can see . . . 

those who long for a glimpse can occasionally catch a piece of the vision . . . but only through the full integrity of the human spirit . . . rarely . . . and only for a brief time . . 

Once envisioned . . . becomes a part of the soul and remains as a deep understanding of the Truth as a dream that has come and gone . ..  but leaves its essence behind.

This was posted as the meaning of the song:
A Native American translation for this song:
Let us eclipse the the sun and the moon with our spiritual and emotional being,
and let us transcend these physical barriers and negativity which have made us a nation of one.
May the winds of time put into motion this feeling we share with our Mother Earth and this universe till the end of time.
May the creator bestow upon us a grand sense of unity and peace which we will continue to pass on to our people, wherever they reside.

Its good by me . . ..


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