Saturday, April 16, 2011

Have You . . .

Along the Old Columbia Highway

Have you ever looked up
at the stars at night
and tried to identify a few
as a home to escape to
when things get rough?
Have you then realized
that our planet is so
fragile and tender
and yet so beautiful a rare
thing? a gem?
Have you
then realized that the stewards
of such a planet
have neglected the basics
instead choosing to release
the hounds of hell
on the weary and the vulnerable
devouring all that stands
in the way of
greed and selfishness
Have you then looked
inward at your
personal cosmos and
that you are also a
universe compacted into
a human body
Have you then
looked outward at
other souls, like you
lost in the
maze of ill luck
being born on a
garbage heap
Have you then seen
that such glorious universes
have need to be
released to shine
thus making a heaven
richer with flame
Have you . . .
then wondered what the hell
you can do about it . . . yet
Have you . . . 
tried . . .
at least given a smile?
Have you . . .


Photos taken along the
Old Columbia Gorge Highway
and at Multnomah Falls

Spring 2011


Gorilles des montagnes
by: Philippe Mangold

My review:

Some day all god's creatures will run free .. ..
will there ever be enough world for all of us?
me and thee?

He looks up at the night sky . . .
the stars reflected in his luminous eyes . ..
and he ponders his fate . .
his world is narrowing in on him
and his family . . .
what is the future of this earth . . .
when humans can't even seem to care . . .
for themselves . .. ?

or each other?
or this beautiful blue planet
serene in the heavens
perfectly placed . .. perfectly created . . .
in the hands of human-kind,
withering and dying . . .

This African themed music . . .
excellently and exquisitely and creatively and emotionally and artistically,
composed . . . .
from the surreal to the sublime . .
from earthy, tribal percussion to
celestial strings . . .
from soul rending piano . . . to beautiful guitar,
each theme a heart toucher, and
so very exquisite . . .

I don't know why . . . but I cried most of the way through this album . . .
was there magic in the music?

Top of Multnomah Falls

Here is a beautiful poem written by a friend of mine from FaceBook - I think it would make a gorgeous song :

Manolo Castillo Martínez

    "I send you, one my lyric song. I hope you like it."

(Saturday 9 of October 2010)

"Sparkles of Light"

    Loved light sparkles that enter by my window

    Loved sparkles of the Sun, they illuminate my quarter

    Illuminate my soul

    About strange and hard times, never I thought

    Those sparkles of light, are hope, reconciliation and peace

    Loved light sparkles

    They vivify my soul and spirit, in a World that used to know

    Light throughout, sparkles of light, are welcome

    To me quarter, my life.

    Infinite sparkles of light throughout will have to be

    Always entering by some place

    Loved light sparkles

    From the distant Sun, loved light sparkles

    Be welcome

    Divine light, vivifies my soul and spirit

    Between the trees I see you arrive

    Divine light, from the mother nature

    From any place

    Loved light sparkles

    Be in my quarter by always

    With Love

    Manolo !!! 

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