Sunday, April 17, 2011

Music from Heavenly Realms

Music by Frank Harper "I"

Album removed . . . no longer exists . . .

Poem and review by me:

I hear melancholy memories 
with feelings I still cannot deny
the words I long ago left unsaid . .
the precious days that are slipping by

teardrops mingle into that ocean
with those of others fallen before
yesterdays dreams are old and faded
quiet voices from beyond that door . .

feelings of sadness deeply hurting
revealing my emptied heart aching so . . .

where secrets of our heavenly angels
show that there is room for love to grow . . .

beautiful music Frank
you inspire me . . . and make me feel
through your melodies
and your heartfelt graces
like angelic singing . ..
thank you for sharing your music . . .

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