Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orange and Purple and a song by Stefano Mocini

Album cover for "Just a Thought" by stefano mocini

Do you know?
I think world is orange and purple:
the sunset is orange and purple
the flowers are orange and purple
animals are orange and purple
thoughts are orange and purple
PEOPLE are orange and purple (but everybody calls them black and white)
jamendo is orange and purple (music also,, do you know?)
earth and water are orange and purple
Sometimes someone comes to us saying: orange and purple are the same!
But, we think that's an utopia and we don't believe it; BAD!!! Believe in the utopias! Please believe in dreams! Orange and purple will be the same colour and if you believe it.
Dream a better world...

- Stefano Mocini

Such a beautiful piano which flies into my heart and lifts me up . . .giving me striking colors to make me smile and have hope that good will always win in the end . . . and here we can all smile . . . listening to the emotionally touching music by Stefano Mocini

This pianist is one of my favorites on Jamendo, with a beautiful soul that grows and shines out like the full moon which guides us after the sun has gone down. Not only a wonderful pianist, but a wonderful person as well.

Thank you, Stefano .  .  . I will always hear your music as some of the best on Jamendo, some of the most beautiful and emotionally enriching. You give me heart . . . and you touched me more than you can know.

My favorite color combination is orange and purple. The colors of the sunset . . . quite striking and profound . . . a promise that paints the waters and your eyes when you look . . . and you know that it is the promise of a better tomorrow, and in a way, a promise of a beautiful forever . . . here are the colors of hope, just before the dark of the night . . . and the finding of that momentary joy, strikes you just before you lift your eyes to see the glitter of the stars. And though the stars are reflected in your tears .. .. the warmth and the fire of the sunset keeps a fire burning in your heart.

For you, dear Stefano . . . again a thank you for the reminder . . . and the thought . .  and of course, the beautiful music .  .  . <3  :-D

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