Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dance with My Lover

Paris 2010

Human Angel's Club
by Human

As the listener sat rapt . .
                                          she felt
An explosion of love which
flew in with the wings                                     
               of a divine angel,
visiting from an exotic
                                                  and distant land,
                      and as this seraphic being
hovered over the her                         
                                        with the rush of fragrant wind
betraying its presence,                                              
                           the celestial music, so uplifting,
increased the heart-strength of this listener . . .                    
and created a passionate longing 
to dance
                                                       with her adored one
held tightly in her arms  . .

                                     Hold me tightly . . . sweet love,
for I fear the angel's power                                  
to lift me away . . . far away
from you . . .
                                                           Together . . . we shall dance,
forever, in each others arms . . .                    
                                                                     and though there may be glory
somewhere else,
all I want in this existence                                      
is to dance with you . . .
so close
so very close,
                                  and to dream with you
                                                                   into the exaltation of eternity . . 



Anonymous said...

My dear Barbara,

you are truly a remarkable woman.

There are people that we know by heart and people that we know by the heart.
You keep on surprising me... though, I don't really get surprised.

Wolfsong?... curious name. As beautiful as enigmatic. Something to wear proudly... and it suits you perfectly.

We keep having some similar tastes in music... and this Human Angel's Club is but a fine example. There are many more.

Of course that in the end, this is nothing but a mere pretext for me to say that I'm here, watching you... and that I hope that you can go on and reach something good under this new pseudonym.

Because it's just what it is: a poet, you already were...

and a music lover, too...

and a wolf...


Wolfsong said...

It is so nice to see you here, Carlos. I hardly know what to say in response to your comment, it touched me so deeply. I guess that a simple "thank you" will hardly suffice but I can do that, say "thank you."

I am, probably, always going to be very attached to Jamendo . . . that's where the fresh, raw and new-born music appears. And being a glutton for that type of thing . . . how can I stay away?

At least now, with my new avatar, people can't disparage my "reviews" because I don't pretend to review . . . (sigh) it just all seems so silly in the end. I want to enjoy the music and write my thoughts in the best way and form that is my nature.

Someday I will tell you the story of my name (Wolfsong) . . as it is very important to me. . . maybe I have already explained its existence on my blog somewhere (I don't really remember). But I find myself being very open on the Internet and perhaps a little too vulnerable, besides being a little too confrontational. So I guess I don't have too many secrets.

Thank you for being so encouraging, Carlos. I wish you would come back to Jamendo some day. I miss seeing your positive comments, in your own voice about the music we love. Your words are always such a song in and of themselves . . . they shine with melody.

Thank you again, my friend, for your kind words and for giving me the feeling that something is "right" in this world . .

and I am so glad that you are still around!