Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Man from Jamendo and a Hundred Strips of Paper


I want to mention how much I appreciate Mr. Persson, who happens to be one of the most consistently excellent rock composers on Jamendo; his guitar shines as well as, or better than, other musicians; and his music is always smooth and excellent. He is gifted as a musician and carries his compositions with a coolness that is powerful with confidence. His music brings me back to my youth and lifts my spirits, always .. .. plus he is a beautiful soul. 

Mr. Persson is often ready with a kind word for the other musicians. I believe almost every day he stops by and drops a quick little comment on someones album or two or four. As otisblues, his user's name, he always has something positive to say. You can see him slipping by on the review feed, wearing a standard Jamendo avatar of a sheriff in a cowboy's hat (it always shocks me to see someone else wearing that avatar. I always feel that it belongs to Persson). Plus, he always drops by my web sites and with a thumbs up or a little word or two . . . makes me feel that a good friend has dropped by.

His reviews are always short but sweet: " It's very nice and beautiful music. I like it." or "This is really good old blues tune."  I can almost hear that Swedish accent. 

The reason I like to see his reviews is that I always feel that everything is right in this old world when this favorite and dear Jamendo artist is there . . . leading the way. I don't always listen to the music he likes . .. but I am glad that he was there liking something, and appreciating some other artist's music. I can almost visualize him, listening to Jamendo with headphones, nodding his head, smiling and strumming his air guitar while he fondly remembers the days in the band.  . .

I always feel a sense of excitement when I see a new album of his. Its kind of like Christmas or a birthday, and anticipating the joy of opening a beautiful  package. His album covers are always tasteful and attractive. A very nice surprise, always. . . I never want to return it because its always just the right thing. . . And the other day . . . a nice surprise appeared . . . a new and unopened Persson album:



One of our teachers had a gorgeous idea to lift people's spirits, and encourage the kids during these awfully long dark winter days, cold, wet and miserable, thunder, lightening and hail .. ..  we all have the winter blues.  She stopped by the cafeteria, in the morning, as the children were eating breakfast, sharing their toys, and visiting, parents and siblings hanging out . . . normally a very sweet time of day.  

She started handing out some colorful strips of paper with words in a large and decorative font: "Thank You!" She handed one to each child and told them what they were getting them for, such as: being polite, cleaning after themselves, sitting quietly, and such. She also told each child to "pay it forward" which means to pass it on to someone else. We were getting them and sharing them all day. What fun to look at a child and think of something positive to say and hand them the strip . . . and always get a smile. 

Edit:  Someone suggested that it was me who came up with that idea . . . so just for you who know us, personally, no, it wasn't me . . . it was Sally!


Watching the snow


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a Hundred Strips of Paper. I can see the kids passing it on. What a wonderful idea!

Wolfsong said...

Its a beautiful experiment that is a win-win for everyone . .

Thank you for your comment . . <3