Monday, March 7, 2011

I Never Sang to You .. .

I never sang to you
     my angel song. . .
from the time before
     I was born
I was perfect . . .

a brighter star dancing
in the outer constellations,
slow and circular,
like synchronized choreography
around a fire
directed by shadowy drums . ..
And yet I found my way
to your side,
where I look for the holes
in you . . .
and I fill them
with the dust of stars
and the love of a perfect angel

I never told you the story
     of this angel's descent
the feathers fell
     the wings drooped
how I stumbled .. .

A star flung into the unknown. . .
flaming image bright
against a black velvet sky
the streak of a golden arrow
pointing downward where
a lone angel wanders through the mists
of time . . . looking for
the tears on you,
I recognize those oceans
having a heart
which absorbs the foamy brine . .
and I offer you the love
of a fallen angel . . . 

Today I sing you a song imperfect. . .
     I walk on the dirt like others,
 a fallen angel devoid of memory
     lost in the maze of humanity's remorse. . .
I once dreamed like a bird
rising swiftly as an arrow,
but when the crown to a kingdom,
was shaken by the slightest breeze
I was brought down by ambivalence,
and with a heavy heart
waiting outside the courtyards
for a mere crumb from your hands,
a speck of nothing for the lonely,
and if you should see the holes in me
and the traces of tears on my face . . .
know that I have lost
my wings . . . forever . . .
because of you . . .

 Tunguska Electronic Music Society: One of the shiniest lights on Jamendo . . . gloriously beautiful music, the best and the brightest stars play their compositions to perfection with the most stunning sound quality available . ..  I dreamed I was in an acoustically perfect cave, studded with crystals, shimmering in the dancing firelight . .. warm and safe . . . I relaxed and flew to these magical stars . . . a whirlwind in my own exuberance . . . lifted by the music . . into perfect joy . .


CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Such a lovely, very poetic way to express a personal view of what happens when we decide to leave Home to live experiences as a human.
Barb, me english teacher : when I read you, I have my Collins & Roberts opened on my screen, and I learn new words from your poetry. I enjoy your writings so much.
Thanks Barb.

Wolfsong said...

Thank you, PM . . . this particular poem seems to be popular with people. I have received a few emails about it so it must ring a bell for some of the readers. I got the idea when I was walking in to work one morning, recently. I was feeling so good because the weather was nice for once . . . I can't wait for Spring . . .