Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Love and Passion

Van Syla 4 Dawn

What can express the compassion of one human being, for another living soul, more than music . . .  borne from the creative dawning of an understanding that something is pounding away at the roots of the soul? What else could that be, but a heart full of love. Not even words can say "I love you" better than a song developed from the deep emotions of a creative and talented composer. 

And for the recipient, the listener, and the musician there is a deep connection. All humans have a hunger for love, to understand love, to be given love and to give love . . . all!  There are no exceptions. To be able to connect with music that is full of love, from the neighborly to the sublime, from the familial to the passionate . .  . love is love and moves us profoundly, whenever and wherever we may find it. And as we find it in this album, imbued with the melodious notes of a creative heart, we are subjected to that love and given the gift in turn.

[Carybe said it so beautifully, after looking into the heart and soul of this album: "If we love someone... why not say it, clearly. If we need someone... why not let them know of that."  ] 

For that lucky recipient, to always have the proof of being loved . . . and the knowledge that any listener can recognize that same love through the music: how much richer and fuller is life than that? Or for the musician who is able to express their hidden heart through melody. . .  a gift to the world .. ..

A question was asked . . . in one of these songs, composed for Dawn (who was Jamendo's favorite reviewer, but sadly needed to depart). . . "What is Love?" A question decidedly answered in this lovely album, created by Van Syla . . . one of Jamendo's up and coming stars.  Each song is more splendid than the other, yet all are so full of the passion Van Syla demonstrates so well in her powerful heartfelt compositions. 

True love is something that cannot be hidden . . it shines out like a neon ray even if hidden in the deepest darkest caves . . . and people who are able to love and people who are loved . . . are the luckiest people in the world.

Passion may disappear, fleeing before the storm .. .. but love abides forever throughout all time. . and a music composed out of a love like this, is as strong as the foundation of the universe. And as beautiful as all of creation.



Anonymous said...

Even being conscientious that we are loved, we all need, if just every once in a while, to hear that simple, but very powerful sentence.

We are all very well aware of its power, that's why sometimes we are afraid to say or even hear it.

One of my favorite languages, is music... and we agree, one of the best to express a feeling. And, since we cannot all be musicians, almost always, simple words suffice.

By the way... I love you.

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

A strong love that remains silent in the end kills you just as well as hatred.
And, do we have the time to let time goes by without saying that simple "I Love You" which is the essential nutriment to human beings ?

Again, I love you Barb, as I did and always will, for I understand and respect you.

Wolfsong said...
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Wolfsong said...

Thank you, Carlos and PM, for your comments.

I remember an episode of "Two and a half Men," in which a girlfriend of Charlie's told him that she loved him. And all he could say in response was, "Why thank you!"

Its like that. We often don't reach out because we have, so often, been slapped back down. It hurts. . .

I have always believed in charity . .. the kind of love in which you offer to all . . a bit of human kindness . . . I can look into the eyes of a child and give a compliment and a hug and yet feel like the loneliest soul on earth . . . .

I agree with you, PM . . . because a strong love is so rarely returned and it hurts and then you just feel more lonely then ever.

And I love you both, too . . . just because . ..