Friday, March 4, 2011

At the End of the Day

I walk a lonely path in grief 
and solitude . . . my face declined
I see the faded footprints in the sand
where long before
a thousand have walked that line ..
my grave is a lonely place where
I lie still, my face declined .. .
and I am tightly held in the arms of the dust

where the bodies of a thousand were left behind
My heart is a lonely place. . . my face declined
I heard the drumbeat in a hollow room

with an ivory cage it is lined

and when, there, a moment divine
I heard your music
and then that emptiness of mine
was filled with the echoes of your song . .

I loved you
from the time of your beginning. . .

the first note from your soul
resonated in mine . . . and as my face is lifted
to see the stars above . .
I see a thousand twinkle
and join my soul . . .

a multitude in love . .


I felt inspired this afternoon as I listened to this music over and over again .. .. 
So just listen and see how you are inspired too . .  to make love, or relax, or create your own tapestry of your dreams . .

And coming up is a delightful rock love-song by  JoJo Wiese and friends: 
Find him also on Jamendo . . .

And then dream a little dream with SoLaRiS, "Reflections Of Medusa"
Some very exciting psychedelic music to fulfill your night along with drone/noise in the last part (which I don't call music but find interesting) . . 

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