Sunday, March 6, 2011

Questing Love . . .

Portlandia, Portland Oregon 2010

You sit in the center of
your world and ask:
"Who are you?"

I answer:

"I am . .
I am yours . . .
I am your love . . .
the one who connects to you from beyond your world,
I am the piece of your heart
that you have been looking for . . .
. . . so many years
I will dive into your soul
where I can find the pearl of all wisdom,
all knowledge . ..
that which I have been seeking,

and I will give you the treasure
I have found within you .  .
you are my soul. . .
I have been looking for you . . . and I have found you. . ."

and in the center of my world . . .
I ask:
"Do you know me?"


"Yes I recognize you,
I feel you inside my chest,
you give me the air I need and the warmth to my heart
and you fill my mind and thoughts
with the beautiful images that I send back to my heart
where I keep them all, to remember
when I am lonely,
yes I recognize you . . .

Why are you?"

I exist to give you joy and peace,
make you laugh,
and fill you with passionate ecstasy,
and share with you my vision,
my vistas, and my vanities . . .

all of me . . .
so that you feel less alone
in your world . . .

What are you?"

"I am here to catch your essences. . .
I was born to be with you
to be filled with you,
to find you and follow your star . ..
I was born to learn about you

and be learned by you. .

Where are you?"

I am here across the universes
across the sea of time
I am here inside your heart
I am here . . .

How are you?"

"I am filled with you my love,
I am you and you are me . .
our hearts so close
they beat as one . . .
we are . . .

We are one  .. . "


Poem Written for: "Snowstorm Romance" by Lena Selyanina
Music to Dream With  (23/08/10)

My favorite time of life

     is when I am safely dreaming

          whether sleeping or awake

               and music like this puts me there:

                     I follow the notes of the piano

                          like stair steps to the unknown

                               created in heavenly grace

                                    and filled with ease.. .. ..

                                         endowed with love and expectations

                                              I rise higher and higher

                                                   until I realize

                                                        I have wings.

                                                             and I am loosed to fly

                                                                  in freedom and contentment
and I dream . . .

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