Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Solo Piano from Jamendo

Truly an inspiring album . . . this piano music is so beautiful and uplifting. I can only imagine, that from the musician's perspective, the world will be a better place . . . after that momentary point in our future, which we cannot foresee . . . that singularity . . .. 

Does he see a bright place for what has become of humanity? Will there be peace, clean air and water . .  will there be a place for everyone . . . no despair, no war? Will there still be tigers and delicate frogs living free in the jungles of the night?  Will there still be that butterfly in the deep south, creating winds to move the souls behind those metallic masks?

Or perhaps it will be a dark dawn, for it may lead to our utter demise, or a form of demolition, a world so polluted and ransacked and left to sort itself out . . our future kin spreading out amongst the stars . . 
What kind of creature will we become? Will we follow our dreams and be  able to genetically alter ourselves, so as to sprout wings and fly? That is my vision . . and that is how this piano music made me feel . ..
Although I love piano so much I am always searching for it, here on Jamendo . .. I rarely find piano music that makes me feel that I am flying . . . like this . . . such ease in the playing and with a gorgeously smooth flow that it has the strength and charisma to pull me along in its wake .

Also, check out this musician's other offerings. He is able to migrate from one style of music to another and still manages to stick to his theme of futuristic expectations and visions of interplanetary travel . .

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