Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Power of Music

Ridge, looking towards west Portland, 2010

Every song I hear gives me a unique feeling . . . a song can smile at me, or accuse me, it can lift me up or compress me to my bones. . . it can sooth my weary soul, make me cry, it can enervate me, it can energize me . . .

Every song I hear becomes a part of me, driving me or halting me . . . warming me or cooling me . ..

Music has the most profound abilities to heal me . . . or hurt me . .

I have been so intrigued by the two albums this artist put on Jamendo this weekend. His compositions are so exquisite that some of them moved me to tears . .. . "Message from Mars" was one of those . . . I can't say why . . it just did. Maybe it IS a message from Mars . . .??!!???

Both of these albums are professionally done with excellent sound quality. The album covers are tasteful and attractive. Overall these are high-quality albums and worth a listen, no matter what your favorite genre is, because you may find a touch of most music styles running through these songs. But, you will definitely enjoy them. I can guarantee that!

- M^^W - 

Edit: He has put out a third album . . . which I am just beginning to listen to . .  very nice so far. 

Review for: "Moving Thoughts" by Zoltan Percsich

Here is an endless supply of beautiful music from this artist, as this album can be played over and over . . . an endless round . . . so enticing and celestial, like a walk in the fog on an early morning, cool and calm with the small birds echoing through the mist, and as the rising sun parts the clouds there is a feeling of calm in one's aloneness and a peacefulness ascending from the soul . . .  this and the sounds of angel wings gives a preview of heaven's peaceful atmosphere.

- M^^W-

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