Thursday, March 31, 2011

Art Lesson

draw. . .

the line of birds
              across the azure canopy,
the tender flow
         of a child's jaw,
the length of the pathway
          from the shadow to the light,
the colors of yesterday
        when the sun
                  closed his eyes,
the curve of a graceful dancer's 
          extended arm,
the branches of the pine
       scraping the clouds,
the stream of tears
      glowing on your face,
the flow of a brook       
        along the ground,
the melody arcing
                           out of a softly played guitar,
the edges of the foam
                    on the sandy shore,
the hair on your head
                               as the breeze moves through,
the smile on the face
         of a peaceful dreamer,             
the fresh edge
      of a newly formed rose,
the thread of connection
      between you and I,
the flames of love
        in your eyes. . .

draw. . .

   the blank page of
and all the 
yet to be . . .

I missed my bus this morning so I picked a word (draw)
and wrote a poem about it
to pass the time . . ..
maybe I like this one and will work on it
a bit more
maybe not .  .   . but I like it . . .
While editing the poem and setting it here in the blog I listened to this album . . . a raw and tender guitar play with a few atmospheric sounds added . ..  lovely and peaceful.

The Journey Home
by Roy Merriam
Tender Peacefulness

A lovely album
full of birdsong
and wind chime
with heartfelt
guitar melodies . . .
tender strumming which brings
a peacefulness which descends
into the listener's atmosphere
as if the rays of the golden sun
were charming all the heart-ache
away . ..

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