Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black and White_HD_WMV_

Music by Van Syla "Memories"
Video by jc3804700


pictures from my memories . . .
a gallery of black and white photos
of you and me
fading into the far distance
where on the mountaintop
I see a white bird flying
against a darkened sky,
imprisoned behind 
a scribbling of tree branches
reaching up
and higher yet . . . a
star tumbles down and
settles in my heart
healing an old wound there. . .
faded memories
passing through my dreams
like an old train steaming
down  that disappearing track
humming and calling me back
to where
I hear a melody we sang
as we danced together on that
scarred wooden floor
echoing our footsteps
as if our heartbeats were one . . .
I see you when there were yesterdays
old sepia photos
like fallen leaves
drifting by on the streams of time . . .


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