Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Music for the Soul

Yachats Oregon Coast 2010

Ambient Music: Once, not long ago, a friend of mine was listening with me to some of Van Syla's music, which I had put onto a video. This friend said it made her feel relaxed, as if she had been to a spa. I have never been to a spa, but it sounds nice and I understood what she meant by feeling relaxed. My day is complex and stressful and it is so nice to find music that I can trust, to play into the atmosphere of my room . . . let flow like a cooling river of healing balm over my soul, and feel calmed without having any startling nuances to alarm me or anyone else in my room. And there is always someone.

This music is like that: "DamacTron EG Ov" by Equanthom

Piano Music: I like to listen to compassionate piano music. By that, I mean the fingers flow over the keys .. .. like clouds over mountains, racing and pausing and pulsing with emotion.  These hands are sure of themselves and speak like a poet of the passions of life . . . love and grief . . . and moments of peace and tranquility. Fingers that understand the sorrows of the heart and follow the contours of a dream . . . long left behind, and a trail of a tear as it is brushed into the rivulets of mud as the rain comes streaming down.

This artist, Stefano Mocini, has touched my heart so deeply with his piano poetry and his "Music is a dream . . ."


Stefan said...

That's incredible how you can transform in words what music says.
I tried to read the poems here written (altrough language is like a concrete wall for me) and they are made of the same substance of emotions, dreams, music...

Wolfsong said...

Stefan . . . thank you very much for your lovely comment. You made me feel good because that is what I am always trying to do . .. I want to capture the soul of the music and make it have words . .

Its very hard to do, because music is like a different language, too. So I understand how hard it is to read words in a language that is not your Mother tongue.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful music. I liked the music of stefano mocini. It's awesome. I found the Damactron EG Ov a bit tedious, and a bit strange, but good and relaxing. Great selections. This music make me feel good. Thanks for those people that makes music for free.

Wolfsong said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for your generous comment about the musicians of Jamendo. There are so many who are so good there that you can listen all day, every day, for 100 years and never hear all the great music. Become a member at:
and listen and download all you want for free . . plus show the musicians you like their stuff by writing reviews or clicking on buttons . .. the community is friendly and a lot of fun. There is no place on the Internet just like Jamendo.