Thursday, January 13, 2011


I know this doesn't make a lot of sense but I am so very depressed I can hardly see - or think for that matter . . .  so make of it what you will .. . maybe another day I can write more coherently.

It has been pointed out to me that my reviews and poems and thoughts on my blog are considered spam by people on Jamendo .. .. especially with the links leading to here . . .

So . . . a word of explanation:

First I was very upset that a few of my reviews were being plagiarized (deliberate copy and paste) . . . and I wrote to this person and asked them why . . . and I got a rude answer in response . . . . . ok, well I let it slide until I saw this happening again and wrote this person another letter. No answer . . .

So . . . other things happened which I cannot describe, because then some people will recognize who that person was. I have promised that person that I will not expose them. I have also promised that person that I will leave Jamendo. I feel that my existence there is an issue with this person.

I thought that it might be fun for me to write poetry and put pictures and reviews here on my little blog. Then I pasted a link to the posting on the review site for the albums I wrote about. But, I guess that was naive of me . . . and when I was accused of spamming I was totally shocked .  .  . so now there is nothing left for me on Jamendo . . . at least I can't think of anything else I can do . . . I made a promise.

So I will no longer write reviews on Jamendo, or here in regards to Jamendo music  . . . unless . . . I am specifically asked to do so, by the artist of the album . . . maybe that wouldn't be too spammy.

I am also removing as many reviews and links as possible . . . only the ones with no response (assuming that they haven't been seen by the artist . .. ) If the artist made a comment then they stay . . . hoping that it doesn't matter that they are still spamming.

I am open to suggestions for other music sites . . . some place where it would be acceptable to write here and post a link there . . . Maybe there is such a place . .

But right now I am so depressed . . . I think I will go off-line for a while . . .
So Bye Bye

Barbara Wolfsong


Lindalou said...

Dear Barbara,
I am so sorry to hear that someone has made you feel so bad that you would want to leave Jamendo. I just happened to come to your site tonight after posting something on the Jamendo forum. I have enjoyed your posts on the forum and really appreciate all your input there. I haven't been involved in the conversations you and others have had on the forum but I have been following some of your posts, and have enjoyed some of your poetry and reviews. I hope you can let go of that person's rude response and not leave Jamendo! Of course I don't know the details, but just because one person thinks your reviews are spam doesn't mean anyone else feels that way!
I would think many people on Jamendo would want you to stay and will be supportive of you and come to your defense.
I would love to get a review from you if you were inspired to write one sometime, especially if our music happened to inspire more of your beautiful poetry!
Hang in there and don't let mean people bring you down! Onward and upward!
Peace, Lindalou

Wolfsong said...

Thank you .. I will do that - I will listen and write something for you . . . I have put you on a list . . .
but for a while I am putting some space between Jamendo and myself . . . giving it all a rest . . .

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

And I am with you. Funny how things you sincerely enjoy can get boring at times. It turns out to be heavy duty, and it is nice to get away from it for a while.
We know each other in real life, but how about all these people we talk to, exchange with, without really knowing who they are. The only thing we can rely on is: do I like what they do or not? When the Net did not exist, I was not used to listen to that much music, I was only listening to the CDs I bought because I have heard a track on the radio, or it was a new release from an artist I enjoyed the work. My real curiosities when drawn to classical music : there is so much to discover, and the only thing I knew for sure was that I would not be deceived by the quality, even if I were not too fond about everything.
On Jamendo, it is just like a supermaket in which you hope to find a box of cereals with a special gift in it.
You can cope with with that, looking for the golden ring, but for a while only.
And I suspect it can be tiresome to write reviews, even for an album which is not perfection, just to encourage. I can't do that !
Some people might think you are over reactive and touchy, I don't think so! I know and understand a lot about you, that is why I love you. And I respect you.
So, I accept whatever you will decide for yourself.
I am you friend, and i am not going to press upon you for what ever resaon.
Be at peace Barb, you need all your energy to face your real life.
Love to you and a big Warm Hug.

Wolfsong said...

Ah, PM, you brought the tears to my eyes with your understanding.

Jamendo is like a family to me . . . and since I don't have a real family I get too attached to my surrogate families (school, Jamendo). But then I end up with too much and too many to consider.

But then my reviews and poems are like my children with need to be protected and cared for . . .and it all becomes a dilemma . . .especially when so many voices get to have a say . . . big families are like that. . . So I retreat .. . . and wait til my inner voice gets heard.

I just need to think and regenerate, maybe . . .

I love you too, PM . . . you are dear and CLOSE family.

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Just as Frank is my brother, you are my sister, and God knows that!


Brenda said...

Your reviews are generous, beautiful, your ability to express your feelings about an album superlative - you are a talented writer - that perhaps this person experienced some jealousy?

I wondered where you were! Today I had to go and look... missing your writing.

It was with some shock that I read your post. I don't think it would have happened if your reviews and support of musicians weren't so good. In a way, it's a compliment to the extensive work you've done with music reviews at Jamendo.

You've been almost a force on Jamendo - and I can understand your disappointment at a reaction like this - plagiarizing, & being accused of one of the strangest things I've ever heard.

If you decide to take a rest from Jamendo, or shift your energies elsewhere, it's perfectly understandable.

I'm connected to you on Facebook, and read your blog, which I am grateful for.

I'm sorry this happened - though there is a beautiful album that is entirely a tribute to you, Barbara, don't forget!


Wolfsong said...

Yes, Brenda, sorry . . . I didn't expect such a reaction from so many. I have figured out how to deal with all the various issues in regards ]to both the plagiarism and the spamming accusation . . . so I feel reasonably confident that neither will happen again.

Thank you, Brenda for your kind comments. Yes, I do remember and cherish that gorgeous album created for me . . .its posted right on my blog in a permanent space.