Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Voice

Growing up, I learned to love Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Louisa May Alcott early on in my reading career. I was always thrilled at the different voices I heard, and the unique and creative ways that human beings express themselves. 

Reading was my favorite pass-time. When I was very little, the adults in my life never read children's books to me . . . they read from a huge book of poetry with an endless supply of poems . . . many of which were written by an author named "Unknown." Our babysitter was always happy to tease us about this prolific writer . . .

I started writing poetry at a very young age  . . . as soon as I could scribble . . . . I wanted to be like that "Unknown" writer . . . I loved thinking of new ways to explain my deepest feelings about things in my world. I wanted to draw on the emotions on others and connect with them if just for a single moment.

And I am still that way. Words are my allies and friends . . .sharing my inner soul and heart .. . exposing me to the world that chooses to read me. I also read prolifically . . . when I get the chance in my busy schedule. I love to hear the diversity in the human voice . . . everyone being unique and special . . . with their own message, tone, and way of carrying their thoughts forward.

All art is like that . . . a special way for us to connect with others and feel real . . . begin to touch our spiritual and temporal existence; share and understand our perceptions of the world around us . . . . and to be able to protest or exult in life as we see it through our experiences. And as far as we wish to explore or expose .. . . we do, through artistic maneuvers. It is our gift to humanity, to each other. . . and  to ourselves.

There are so many ways to be creative and express ourselves . . . as many ways as there are humans on this earth . . . from the way we dress in the morning; to our doodles on a scrap of paper as we sit bored in a meeting; and at the end of the day the lullabies we sing to our babies.  We are all artists and our art is valid and meaningful.

Everyone should feel confident in their own expressions . . . as there is no measure against which you can compare . . . we all have an unique life experience . . . our footsteps in the sand are our own . . . . and we all have our own viewpoint, for no one else looks through our eyes or hears through our ears . . .  And nobody is a better artist than another . . . just that some are heard more than others and some are understood better . . .its all in the matter of perspective.

So speak out with your own voice . . . make yourself heard . . . and forgive yourself because you are not perfect . . . neither am I . . .no one is . . . Its part of the beauty of life, as we are all uncut gems on a chain of steel . . .strength connecting us and beauty expressing us . . .. 

And be creative . . . buy a box of crayons . . . and draw a picture . . . hang it up on the fridge and admire it . . . for there is not another masterpiece exactly like it . . . . No one else can do what you do!

- M^^W-

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CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Be creative, that is the word, because we are creators since God created us in how own image, and free to express ourselves, let it grow within you until that cray day it will break away, because to be free, you have to let it free. Create and watch she/him/it grow, let this creation fly to find its/her/his way to those who will enjoy this creation.
We could could call this process Love, couldn't we ?