Friday, January 14, 2011


Review for:  "Sparkle in the Summit" by Kenjiakira

This delicate music is gifting us with the dreams to fly to the mountain top, freedom and air beneath our wings, we feel the sunset warm the spaces between our feathers . . . we sense the dream of the generations come true through us . . . we touch the tip of our wings against the burning and setting sun and here we touch all of creation for it is there in everything we breath . . .and we breath . . .

Review for: "Azur Requiem" by Kenjiakira

I hear the music of the children . . . and the floating cool song of the dance . . . upbeat and beautiful . . . simply beautiful .  .  . the notes roll across a long valley like a river, falling and rising, smooth, yet rapidly changing, baptising me in liquid sound . . . lovely .. . . I float away on the tender fingers of the instruments, drums carrying a beat . . . a melody follows, floats along behind . . . we are raptured together and lifted . .. gently, sweetly.

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