Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Green - Monet's Garden at Giverny, France

Review for: "Thoughts. Feelings. Desires. (2010)" by DJ John

Aptly titled and beautifully  covered . . .  gorgeously and peacefully composed.  I loved the track, "I Like" with a soft vocal joining the instruments, bass and ambient sounds strumming through, like soothing waves flowing over the listener and giving the smooth jazzy feel of being part of the music. Jazzy tranquility and smooth like the green streams beneath the lazy summer sky . . .

the music today, being,
my garden of desires. . . colors spring
bright, through winter's long night,
I remember the glory of the sun and clear blue skies. . .
and a multitude of greens. . . shadows hung deep
with promises and dreams
in the cool caverns on the green. . .
a flash of a thought like a wish performed
a simple song from a little brown bird
the scent of the air
is creation's perfume . . .
the feeling of warmth molded on bones
calms the soul while
a droplet of music
rinses the atmosphere
clearing the thoughts and expanding the heart
and I am uplifted
as I listen . . . 

Monet's Gardens - Giverny, France

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