Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Evening Spacing

Review/Poem for: "ombre sulle stelle" by darklight

The magnificent forms and shapes of space
concentrate and blaze through eternity
leaving colorful dust trails and brilliance,
dancing sparks of light
move through the blackness
and removing shadows of sadness . . .
replace nothingness with joy. . .
and there is no empty silence
when there is this music
filling our inner darkness
with its peaceful calmness
and perfection
beautiful and shining. . .

Absolutely lovely . . .

Poem  . . . .  for: "Black & white" by ELECTRICPLANET

Nature finds its way through the cracks
of our cold hard armor. . .
a ray of sunlight warms our bones,
the flow of water soothes our soul,
a bird sings a sweet startling melody . . .
and lifts us up
on her tiny wings .. .
and as we are touched,
and as we listen,
we become one with this small
blue planet . .
bewildered by  the darkness
of the outer cosmos
we turn to these rays of light
sent to us through the music. . .
like the stars that sparkle in the night,
and the warm glow from our fire light. . .
we are comforted . . .

yes . . . the music does that for us . . 

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