Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is Dedicated to the One I Love

This is Dedicated to the One I Love!
a hundred million unicorns
leaping across a turbulent sea,
flying with wings
on their silvery,
glistening hooves . . .
snow white manes, froth and flow
like the foam upon the tides . . .
shiny waters undulate . . . 
beneath their dancing feet. . .
 as they leap,
as they lash,
as they pound
at the heaving waves. . .
splashed stars fly behind,
rising high above, 
as if with transparent wings, ravaged
by the warm salty winds of desire . . . 
the full white moon, fair like a breast,
leans in, tenderly offered. . .
long, sloping backs flash,
straining, muscular,
as they rise and fall upon the waves
deep purple seaweed 
damply embroiders
up between the
stiffened legs of each beast. . .
grasping, clinging, 
slowly fondling, 
legs dancing, writhing, entwining,
rising and falling. . .
and the song of the sea
as the sprays reach their peak
is a message 
sent between immortal souls
flung from one shore
to another . . .
Love and Lust
Passion and Desire . . . 
together eternally . . .
one with the other


Review for: "Eternally in Love" by Kamarius

Love, so helpless are we to fall for thee . . . a million faces of love, so many kinds as to move and guide us . . . and leave us with few choices but to be with the one of our desires . . .

The music on this album is dedicated to love, passion and desire. The quiet sounds slip and slide between our thoughts as we listen . . . though we are tranquil and introspective . . . we are moved in a thousand ways . . . and if our beloved were by our side, we would find ourselves holding and caressing and falling beneath this tender musical spell . . .

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