Sunday, January 9, 2011

Space and Beyond . . .


Review and poem for: "NEPTUN" by Adam CASTILLO

A spectacular space voyage . . .  lovely and dreamy at times . . . along with the mental visions accompanying the voices of the ship and the astronauts . . . the music was dynamic and exciting, yet ambient and calming . . . 

A dream of flying
has always accompanied
the heart of the adventurer,
and the lonely child,
looking at the stars
and dreaming of going there. . .
to that place beyond earth,
the vaster reaches of that home of ours,
the familiar huddle of planets,
stars, and galaxies
we call our universe. . .
family, home. . .
in the blackness and the light
we touch our faces
in awe . . .
the immense beauty of creation is
the glow of little lights
reflected in our eyes

and the small tear of love
that descends our face.



Adam CASTILLO said...

Thank you so much for your poem and review, it hit me right in heart!
I shared your post on my facebook wall! Thanks again and happy new year!

Wolfsong said...

You are so very welcome! And thank YOU for sharing your lovely music on Jamendo . . . :-D