Saturday, January 15, 2011

Like a Dream . . .

Water fountain in Paris - 2010

Review for: "Workbench - Dream of Silence" by Workbench (Red Puma)

A waterfall of cool, smooth music crests over my tense shoulders . . . I sit as still as a stone . . .entranced, perhaps enchanted by these angels singing . . . a melody so still and hushed it becomes the timbre of feathers glancing off of silver bells; and the instrumental sounds of heaven slide slowly to me along a pastel rainbow.

I sit, introspective and nostalgic as this sentimental music washes my soul of the dust and hurts of daily hardship. I sit still, charmed by these angel songs . . . and the stone sighs; I take a deep breath and melt under the tender solace of the gentle song . . .  as beautiful as a dream . . . a dream I once had - long ago . . . "Fragments" returning to me and filling my soul . . . . 

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