Monday, January 24, 2011


Review for: "Focus" by CrEiX
Classy album cover - very eye catching

The saxophone always makes me think of dark shadows and empty, misty streets in a big city . .  . a lostness and a loneliness  . . . although the sax can have a warm, welcoming sound .  .  . it is also edgy and raw and somewhat blue . . . it is probably the most human sounding of all the instruments  . .  due to its reckless emotion . . . and subliminal energy . . and the way it digs into the soul and pulls out a specific apprehension and deep fear of the unknown . . .

So as the voices set the stage - the music creates the atmosphere and emotion. Though the woman sees nothing but a light you get the feeling that she finally escapes through it as the music moves off into the distance. You sense that she has gone beyond her troubles , removed the tether attached to the man . . . and escaped her bondage . . . I hear a freedom in the end . . . and you wonder what is beyond that bright white light . . .

"Focus" is another wonderful piece . . . with a story, as creix's creations are often full of visions and emotions and gives the listener a chance to be creative right along side the musician.

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