Saturday, January 29, 2011


Sometimes I am so touched
and overwhelmed 
by the wisp of a dream 
where love finds
its reflection in a simple beauty. . .
I see it in your eyes
and feel it in your breath
as you blow me high
above the trees
with your warm winds . . .
I find the freedom under my wings
and I rise high 
and higher yet .. .. .. where I see
sparks of joy in the tenderly billowing clouds
flirting with an ardent sun. . .
so passionate and engaging
that I cannot but feel as if
I were reborn in your arms
where I can become whatever I wish . . .
so I see rainbows in my skies . . .
where a threat of sullen storms is long gone . . .
and while I  bask
in your sunny smile
warm and safe . .  . 
I listen to the melody
of your precious heartbeat
and I know that all is well
in my world
where you are .  .  . 
and where I am . . . 
content and enraptured
in my beautiful world .  .


I wrote the preceding poem while listening to the following album . . . my heart was moved and I was deeply touched .  . .

Review for: "Réalités - Realities - Realidades" by Claude Veziau

This Album took my breath away . . .. The artist has immense talent . . . each of these pieces so unique .. .. and perfectly and beautifully composed . . .

First we hear a lovely, gently rolling keyboard . . . very sweetly expressive and tender, almost loving. (Soliloque)

One of my favorite tracks is highlighted with the emotional and wistfully nostalgic flute in "Watsenao (Enfant Soleil)" which was most moving and exceptionally played  . . . with a splash of percussion which carried the whole piece off into a distant place, reminiscent of Native American music.

"Réveil" was a beautiful instrumental and flute new-age piece . . . relaxing and lovely. . . . . and "Flyiingg!" has a stunningly played piano . .. .  it flew!!!!

And then (sorry - I have wanted to shorten my reviews but I have my heart in my throat with this next song) the piano in "PlaneTerre" moved me most deeply and I actually got teary eyed . . . and then the song changed so profoundly right smack dab in the middle . . . with a beautiful symphonic accompaniment to the piano . . . oh my - be still my heart!!! 

And thus goes this album . . . gorgeous and celestial . . . humane and compassionate . . . moving and emotional . . . peaceful and passionate . . . .a most gorgeous album which I am patting myself on the back for having found .. .. . lucky, lucky me .  ..

- M^^W -

This page is dedicated to someone special and close to my heart  Hearts . . .


Van Syla said...

Your heart is moved and deeply touched by the music and mine is too your poem.


Spud said...

Those purple and orange flowers in the picture look amazing. Beautiful!!!!