Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Music and a Game!

Album cover . . . for "Memories" by Van Syla

 Some Favorite Music of Mine:

I don't want to brag or anything, but a friend of mine used one of my sea pictures for her album . . . OH and the music is especially good . . .

My Review: I always look forward to a new album by Van Syla. Her music builds up my mood and I need her brand of musical sunshine in the depths of winter.

In this little album its hard to pick out a favorite because the songs are all so unique. I love "Memories" for its sentiment and drama . . . the strings are expressive and fulfilling . . . they give the wings to fly up and find the dream . . . this one is just plain beautiful . . . maybe this one is my favorite . . . hmmmm . . .

"Weekend" is a happy ride with a lilting guitar . . . just like I feel about the weekend coming up after a long hard week at work. Also, it has its contemplative moments . . . and makes me feel like not only is there happiness and anticipation . . . but planning and hope . . . lovely! Could be this is my favorite of the three . . . let me see . . ..

The beautiful piano in "Grandma's Song" seems simple . . . but has a complexity that tells a story . . . I hear a little of Van Syla's unique signature beat dancing through in this one . . . this one may be my favorite . . . I just can't seem to chose!

If I ever chose which one is my favorite . . . I will let you know . . . but I think they are all my favorites . . .


I have also been enjoying a couple of other lovely albums today:

And another artist I am especially fond of is Dom the Bear. Check out his offerings :


A Favorite Game of Mine:
Wall paper from the game of "Drifts"

Everyone needs to break away from the herd, now and then . . . and here is a way to do so, through relaxed and easy play . . . The game is called "Drifts," by bobblebrook and it is simply beautiful, a little challenging, and very relaxing . . . I like to play it with the sound turned off and listening to Jamendo music . . .

I love the way the administrators of the game gives everyone the chance
to be in the highscore list, as the high scorers are removed weekly . . . and the best part is the fact that the game uses my favorite color combination . . . even though the purple bubbles are the enemy. . . they don't chase your red/orange bubble . .. so they aren't that bad!  My only complaint is that there is no pause button .  .. but . . . oh well!

I was number 1 for a day!

OK - you ask: "What have games got to do with art? Isn't this a blog about art?" 

My answer: "ummmm . . . there is an "art" to creating the perfect game . . . and besides "drifts" is very artistic as the shadowy painting in the background is very eye appealing. OK?"

So . . . occasionally I will drop by to share a favorite Internet game of mine .  .  . and I will try to make sure that it is artistic . . .


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