Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Big City

Review and poem for: "Scattered Memories 1" by CŒDES Pierre-Marie

The city and its circumstances are described with pure love by the musician's choices of instruments and his lovely compositions. PM is a highly qualified composer, always with an interesting and pointed way of expressing his feelings on a subject. New York city will always intrigue us and move us . . . and it makes a wonderful concept album. The last song on this album is a beautiful, poetically sad and dark message with a ray of shining hope . . . perhaps one of my favorites.  The music on the album, overall is jazzy/bluesy, creative, interesting and an emotionally-charged listen . . .

a city with its
ebb and flow . . . like
        the tides
of life - of the sea. . .
organized chaos,
a cold storm,
across the surface . . .
a churning heat below the depths,
white hot heat . . .
we see
a glowing point of light
on the map of the night. . .
a beauty of many facets
and then
an empty bleakness when crystal shatters
and breaks . . . but
rebuilt with hope and strength,
and love . . .
and love defined
a city with a soul beat
and a heart . . . 


1 comment:

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Very sensitive poem Barb about what can a city be, and why. Its population ? Its will ? Its hopes ?
You got it all.